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Glass Art By Phil and Veda Bickley


We create objects that will inspire you to be creative.  Glass is our love and our passion.  We design and make everything from ornaments, beads and pendants for personal adornment, to goblets, vases, perfume bottles and sculpture.
   It all starts with silica, one of the most common element on earth.  We color it with rarer elements like gold, silver, platinum, copper and cobalt.  We heat it to temperatures over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit to transform these raw elements into objects of glistening beauty. 
We have been intensively involved in honing our skills for almost a decade, stretching and interpreting the medium until it can reflect not only the exquisite beauty of the natural world around us, but also celebrate the full range of the human spirit.  Please feel free to browse our portfolio.    We welcome your comments, questions, inquiries and suggestions.

Butterfly Pendants
December 2010

Bickley Studios-Phil and Veda Bickley
Lake Lure, NC (828)423-7312

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