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Phil and Veda are both self-taught artists who were drawn to the medium of glass for artistic expression at a young age. The parents of two lovely daughters, Phil and Veda met in California where they were separately exploring and studying craft, Phil specializing in glassblowing. This shared passion for art and craft has fused both their personal and artistic union and sustains the Bickley family.

They work independently, but also encourage each others unique voice and vision in collaborative projects. Veda's glass takes on whimsical, fluid and sensual lines while Phil's work is always confident and rich in sophisticated expression. Having worked and supported themselves as artists for more than six years, their ability to live a life fostered by their art resonates in their pieces.

Working together daily


Their home in the graceful rusticity of North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains is also their artist's studio, so creativity is deeply etched in their everyday life. (Their studio is both a place of artistic quench and sustenance) The setting surrounding their work also illuminates their vision adding contrast and stark texture to their artistic imagination and technique.Blending the techniques of both ancient glass artisans and more modern masters, the Bickleys have developed their own systems within the flameworking community. They are constant in their devotion to artistic curiosity, technique, and the awareness that art can indeed define life.

Inspiration from the back porch